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The Brotherhood of Winegrowers’ viticulture activities

Extension of territory submitted to visits from the Brotherhood of Winegrowers and current activities

The profits from the 1927 Winegrowers Festival allowed the Brotherhood to extend its scope of activity from Cully to Aigle. It re-established the surface area visited and increased its influence accordingly, setting up the Vineyards Commission for this purpose. Nowadays, seven experts from the Brotherhood visit more than 650 numbered stakes, representing 274 hectares of vines located in Vevey and its surroundings to the areas from Pully to Lavey, at the gateway to the Valais.

Finally, to proactively participate in promoting high-quality winegrowing, the Brotherhood of Winegrowers has put a plot on its Doges estate in La Tour-de-Peilz at the service of the Office cantonal vaudois de la viticulture (viticulture authority) for various experiments (vine stock populating, methods of conduct, etc.).